We are a professional distributor, comfortable to work with. Our specialists assist the clients in making the right choice of electronic components, reducing BOM and shortening time to market. For a quarter of a century, we have developed strong business relations with the leading global vendors and achieved market advantages, giving our customers access to high-tech products and innovative solutions at manufacturers’ prices.

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Make your purchases more convenient

We are a professional distributor, so we are able to help you to establish the procurement process, make it simple, comfortable and efficient.

Get the best prices

We offer manufacturers’ prices by working directly with manufacturers. Well-established logistics helps us to reduce the time of delivery and the cost of goods.

Stay at the peak of technology

Our employees regularly receive training from manufacturers to offer customers new technologies and innovative solutions.

Be confident in quality

We are well versed in our suppliers’ business, therefore we guarantee the quality and originality of the distributed products.


  • Be sure to specify the type of packaging or the complete Part number of the product
  • The most of modern semiconductors do not contain lead and are RoHS compliant. However, in case environmental requirements are important to your project – please report them explicitly.

  • Be sure to specify the package type, rating and tolerance, for capacitors – also the maximum voltage and temperature code.
  • When soldering small components (in packages 0603 or smaller), technological losses are possible. We recommend ordering resistors and capacitors plenty to spare.