VD MAIS is a professional distributor of electronic components and systems for Ukrainian aviation industry enterprises and developers of aerospace electronics. For more than 20 years we have been working with the enterprises of the National Space Agency of Ukraine and aircraftbuilding industry, and have established themselves as a reliable supplier of specialized components and solutions for harsh operating conditions. We offer a wide range of solutions for critical applications – from MIL-STD-38999 connectors to radiation-resistant ICs. OUR ADVANTAGES

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Our advantages


Uncompromising quality is not a matter of pride, but a necessity when it comes to choosing and supplying solutions for responsible applications


By communicating directly with leading component manufacturers, we can engage their engineering resources to support customers


We supply licensed technological solutions to Ukraine exclusively through official channels, following the procedures of international export control legislation


We understand the specifics of our clients’ activities, including state-owned enterprises, and meet their requirements, providing the best solutions at a competitive price

To solve your problems, we offer


Aviation equipment

VD MAIS is an experienced supplier of electronic components and systems for Ukrainian manufacturers of avionics. Our capabilities include:

  • the supply of interface chips, including Holt, DDC, DEI;
  • selection and delivery of power supplies with a temperature range from -55 to + 105 °C;
  • development and production of printed circuit boards suitable for operation onboard aircrafts;
  • selection and delivery of connectors, including class MIL-DTL-38999;
  • delivery of acceleration, impact, temperature, pressure sensors, e.i. for extreme operating conditions.


Projects in the airspace industry

We have been working with the enterprises of the National Space Agency of Ukraine for more than 10 years and have proved to be a reliable supplier of specialized components and solutions. We offer the entire delivery cycle of special radiation-resistant ICs for use on the orbit, from logistics to export control in the country of origin.

Specialized solutions also include reliable power supplies, DC/DC converters, connectors and cables.

The system cooperation with world manufacturers of components is adjusted, it allows us to use their engineering resources for support of our customers.lybed-satellite

Typical applications

VD MAIS supplies electronic components for developers and manufacturers of a wide range of aerospace applications:

  • Communication systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Display systems
  • Flight Control Systems (FCS)
  • Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS)
  • Systems of meteorology
  • Control systems
  • The systems for recording flight parameters (objective control equipment, or flight recorders)
  • Power systems and others