Measuring equipment

The department of Measuring equipment as a part of VD MAIS has been working since 2003. Then, distribution contracts were concluded with the German firm Hameg and the American company Tektronix, whose products became the hallmark of the department. Since then, the nomenclature of measuring and test equipment has significantly expanded.

Nowadays the department supplies measuring instruments from well-known companies such as Tektronix, Keithley, Rohde & Schwarz, Fluke.

These are digital oscilloscopes for analog and mixed signals, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, standard and arbitrary waveform generators, devices for testing and developing of television systems, frequency synthesizers, frequency meters, counters, protocol analyzers, power meters, laboratory power supplies, multimeters, RLC-meters, thermal IR-cameras, temperature meters, calibrators and many others.

If necessary, we can expand the program of supply of measuring equipment, promptly responding to the demands of the customers.

Our credo is the qualified help at selection of measuring devices and their “lifelong” service.

Sectoral applications:

  • Electronic industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Power engineering
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Testing complexes
  • Aerospace industry
  • Television and radio broadcasting
  • Training