Automation of processes and systems of monitoring and intellectual control penetrate into everyday life deeper and deeper. Along with the massive transition to LED lighting and alternative energy sources, widespread introduction of telemetric systems in infrastructure projects is the global trend in the development of cities and even villages.

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Generalizing, the variety of applications can be reduced to the main areas of telematics:

  • Satellite monitoring (tracking) of vehicles (including municipal transport on routes, commercial vehicle fleets, as well as personal vehicles);
  • Monitoring of the state of housing and communal services (urban and house lighting, water supply, heating, traffic lights, elevator facilities, etc.);
  • Monitoring of energy consumption (remote reading of meters of water, heat, gas at apartments, houses, nodes, detection of unbalances, theft and leakage, etc.);
  • Building automation (security, access control, maintenance of the microclimate, monitoring of energy consumption, serviceability of the building infrastructure, lighting, etc.);
  • Automation of retail and services (vending machines, information electronic kiosks, parking lots, ATMs and payment terminals, POS-terminals, warehouse and transport logistics, etc.);
  • Automated billing (automated meter reading and billing for utility services);
  • Telemedicine (remote monitoring of patients);
  • Telematics security access control, video surveillance, alarm system, fire alarm system, warning system, etc.).

VD MAIS, a professional distributor of electronic, wireless and electromechanical components, offers the industry a a wide range of sensors, controllers, RFID-code readers, GPS-modules, UMTS/HSPA, GSM/GPRS and LTE wireless modules (and ZigBee , WiFi, WiMax as well), connectors for various interfaces, power supplies, enclosures, cables and wires, i.e. a complete set of components “from one source” for the production of controllers and field devices for telemetry systems.

Being the leading contract manufacturer of electronic modules in the country, VD MAIS is capable of batch production of electronic modules for telemetry systems, freeing up its clients’ resources for the development of project architectures and software development, development of data protocol and server level protocols, as well as for marketing and commercial project support.

Where do the data in the cloud come from?

The common public pays attention only to the WEB-interfaces of telemetric services, not always thinking on the matter where the data comes from to the “cloud” (i.e to the server level) of telemetric systems.
Meanwhile, the development and production of field-level equipment of telemetry systems is perhaps the most difficult part of projects, and often the very notorious “last mile”, capable of slowing down the development of the most daring projects.
The development of web-services for infrastructure projects should not go ahead of careful field-level architecture planning. Development, testing and launch of the batch production of field-level devices is the real beginning of the project. Any web-interfaces do not make sense, until the information “from the fields” is received.

Typical applications

  • GPS-monitoring of vehicles
  • Monitoring of energy consumption
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • “Smart house”, “Smart city”, etc.

  • CCTV
  • Security Systems
  • Alarms and access control
  • Law enforcement activities

  • Vending machines, ATMs, parking lots
  • Medical monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Wildlife exploration

  • Transportation
  • Power Engineering
  • Retail
  • Data Centers