VD MAIS is a reliable technology partner for enterprises facing complex challenges in the development and production of telecommunication equipment.


We provide complex services in the field of designing and manufacturing multi-layer high-density PCBs and contract manufacturing of electronics, including new technologies of fully automated soldering in nitrogen environment and in-circuit testing.

VD MAIS is also the largest distributor in Ukraine of wide range of electronic components for signal processing in the frequency range from 0 to 110 GHz, control and measuring equipment, as well as cabinets, enclosures and racks, power supplies, cables, connectors, structured cable systems elements for production and installation of modern communication equipment.

Electronic components for telecommunication equipment

  • DACs and ADCs
  • FPGAs
  • Storage FIFO type devices
  • Synchronous or asynchronous dual-port RAMs
  • Specialized multiport RAMs
  • Fast-acting static RAMs
  • Clock generators
  • Programmable clock distribution devices
  • Amplifiers-distributors of clock signals
  • Buffered zero-delay clock amplifiers
  • Microchips of the T1 / E1 / J1 transport interfaces
  • Codecs and microcircuits of interfaces for abonent telephone lines
  • Circuits of processing of sound signals
  • Digital switches for PCM signals
  • Integral front-end processors
  • IP coprocessors
  • Data-flow control schemes

Typical applications:

  • Fiber Optic Networks
  • Broadband abonent access
  • Wireless technologies
  • Routers
  • Multiservice switches