Industrial instrumentation is the driving force both for national electronic industry and for any modern manufacturing enterprise as well. More than 40% of VD MAIS clients successfully work in various segments of instrument making. We offer a wide range of products for the industry – from electronic components to finished industrial controllers. Our specialists will help to make the right choice of key elements for: data collection systems measurement instruments electronic weight measurements systems for chemical analysis engine control systems ACSs and PLCs

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We can provide professionally tailored solutions for your project if:

  • you develop or implement industrial automation systems for power plants or energy distribution systems,
  • you need a reliable power supply system for your device or separated units,
  • in your project you need sensors for temperature, flow, mechanical, etc.
  • you need a reliable system for processing and converting analog signals,
  • you have a batch production, and the price of components is crucial.

The components and systems supplied by VD MAIS are always in compliance with the quality management standards of our company and manufacturers. If necessary, the shipment includes quality certificates for products.

VD MAIS does not compete with its clients. Focusing on the supply of components and equipment and the contract manufacturing of electronic modules, we allow our customers to concentrate on design, engineering, installation and commissioning in the field of industrial automation of technological processes.