Conformal Coating Service by VD MAIS

30.03.2020 |

At the production site of VD MAIS, leading EMS provider in Western Europe for industrial applications, one more contract manufacturing service was launched – Conformal Coating Service.

Новая услуга – лакировка печатных плат

PCBAs are protected by applying polyurethane, acrylic or silicone coatings with various characteristics of hydrophobicity, dielectric options, resistance to solvents, etc. High-quality one- and two-component protective coatings, thinners, masking coatings and other materials manufactured by the British company Electrolube are used for application.

The new facility allows VD MAIS to provide customers with additional services, both separately and in combination with the supply of components, printed circuit boards, SMD and DIP mounting, coating, testing, etc.

Any batches of assemblies are accepted to be coated. Upon request, a commercial offer on the cost and terms of proceeding will be delivered. The service is especially relevant at the moment when many EOMs have to minimize the number of staff. VD MAIS expands the range of services for its customers to support them in difficult times.

Also in the very near future, a new section will be launch to operate on cutting and stripping wires, as well as crimping contacts and make cable bundles. Erelong we expect the arrival of previously ordered equipment and its installation and launching into operation by trained staff.

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