Cables & Harnesses Solutions by VD MAIS

23.04.2020 |

One more section was launched to operate on the production sites of VD MAIS and Cables & Harnesses Solutions were added to the list of EMS provided by the firm.

Открыт новый производственный участок

The section is equipped with modern automated equipment for cutting wires, stripping and crimping contacts, as well as a professional hand tools for cutting, stripping and crimping for small pilot batches.

Technological operations are carried out with stranded twisted or single-core wire with a cross section of 0.08 … 5.26 mm² (from AWG28 to AWG10) with a cut length from 0.1 mm and a stripping length from 0.1 to 30 mm with full or partial stripping. The process tolerance is ±(0.2% + 0.2 mm). Contact crimping is carried out on wires with a cross section up to 10 mm² with adjustable force and tolerance of ±0.03 mm.

Открыт новый производственный участок

The new section allows VD MAIS to provide customers with additional services, both separately and in combination with the supply of wires and connectors, as well as a part of complex orders with the supply of components, printed circuit boards, SMD and DIP mounting components and connectors on the boards, coating , testing, etc.

Any batches of harness production are considered. Upon request, a commercial offer on the cost and terms of proceeding will be delivered. The service is especially relevant at the moment when many EOMs have to minimize the number of staff. VD MAIS expands the range of services for its customers to support them in difficult times. Complex distribution of components and EMS from VD MAIS allow its clients to focus on the core competencies: R&D, marketing and after-sales service.

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