NPB-450-NFC Series: 450W Universal Built-in NFC Intelligent Charger

15.01.2024 |

MEAN WELL NPB-450 series features 2x ultra-wide voltage, the ability to charge multiple types of batteries in one machine (exclusive patented intelligent voltage detection charging1), flexible user-defined charging parameters, international certifications, safety, durability as its 5 major features, making it a universal intelligent charger. Since its launch 2 years ago, it has received widespread acclaim; in order to meet the demand for more convenient and quick adjustment of charging parameters, we are presenting the NPB-450-NFC series: 450W intelligent charger equipped with near-field communication (NFC) for patented wireless communication2 in close proximity.

The NPB-450-NFC is an expanded series based on the original NPB-450, while retaining most of its functions; the main difference lies in a simpler and quicker method for adjusting charging parameters. With the MEAN WELL app on a smartphone, users can conveniently make near-field adjustments to the charging parameters, regardless of whether the charger is powered through AC or not. In contrast to the NPB-450, which requires connection to a computer via the SBP-001 programmer for configuration, the NFC solution offers a straightforward and convenient way of setting parameters. The NFC model eliminates the need to purchase an additional SBP-001 programmer and eliminates the use of any communication cables, significantly enhancing usability and reducing costs. Additionally, this product has passed the IEC/EN/UL62368-1 information class safety certification, ensuring secure usage, making it a highly cost-effective and versatile smart charger. It is suitable for charging devices such as unmanned forklifts, automotive overhead cranes, floor scrubbers, lawnmowers, mobile robots, campers, electric motorcycles/bicycles, unicycles, scooters, and more.

The main functional differences are as follows:


Function and description



Patch conditions before settings

The charger can be used regardless of whether AC power is on, and there is no need to connect any communication cables. Settings can be sensed by the charger when the mobile phone is brought close (<5 cm)

AC power supply and connected communication cable are required

2 or 3-stages ajustable

Configurable via NFC

Switchable via DIP S.W on the panel

Adjustment of the programmed charging curve (charging voltage, float voltage, charging current, transition current)

Can be set via NFC, CAN bus, SBP-001

Can be set via CAN bus, SBP-001

Selection of charging voltage

According to the voltage requirements for different types of batteries, you can select from 4 preset charging voltages using the DIP S.W

The ON/OFF Intelligent Pressure Detection

Can be activated or deactivated via NFC

Can be activated or deactivated through DIP S.W

Setting the CAN bus communication address

Using NFC settings, the CAN bus can connect up to 16 NPB-450-NFC devices simultaneously for remote monitoring

Different addresses can be generated through the 14-pin connector: either by connecting Pin 1 on the panel or by short-circuiting /opening Pin 2 to Pin 4. The CAN bus can connect up to 4 NPB-450 devices simultaneously for remote monitoring



  • Ultra-wide voltage automatic detection and charging (10.5~21V, 21~42V, 42~80V, 54~100V)
  • Built-in NFC communication interface can quickly adjust 2-stage/3-stage and charging parameters (as shown in the table above)
  • Built-in CAN Bus communication interface for remote setting of charging curves and monitoring charger status
  • 4 preset charging curves can be fine-tuned through the panel DIP S.W
  • Charging current can be adjusted 50~100% through VR on the panel (only in intelligent voltage detection mode)
  • Automatic power reduction for charging during overheating
  • Adopt low-noise temperature-controlled fan
  • External NTC temperature compensation to prevent rapid battery degradation
  • Multiple intelligent protection: Short circuit/Overvoltage/Over Temperature/Low Battery/Battery Reverse Connection
  • Suitable for lead-acid and lithium batteries
  • Optional carry handle available for purchase (Order No.: Carry Handle)
  • Certified by CB, UL, DEKRA, CE, and UKCA
  • 3 years warranty


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