Printed Circuit Boards

VD MAIS offers complete and professional PCB solution, which includes design, development and supply of printed circuit boards. Our staff has solid experience in methods and technologies of PCB design. We maintain the worldwide network of reliable factories, where production orders are placed.

Our CAD team has experience in development of electronic devices as well as in PCB design. Provided with electrical scheme, BOM and technical requirements, we create PCB layout.

In case customers provide us with existing layout, we can offer technical expertise and consulting services to reduce costs or improve reliability of the product. If required, re-design of layout is offered to comply with requirements of producer or to balance costs and quality.

Production of PCBs is done based on layout and technical requirements.

Our features and strong sides are:

  • IPC-A-600G compliant products, qualitymanagement compliant to ISO/TS16949:2009;
  • up to 40 layers PCBs, 0.1 mm minimal conductor width, 0.1 mm min. hole diameter;
  • 7 possible coating options;
  • metallic based PCBs, strong experiencein lighting applications;
  • flexible quantities and processing times.

During all stages of production qualified technical assistance is provided. Our PCB department provides reliable supply for high-frequency communication modules, mass consumer products (television decoders, electricity meters, lighting applications, security systems).


Размер печатной платы – 95.00×53.50×1.50 мм
Размер панели – 95.00×53.50 мм (на панели 6 плат)
Количество слоев – 2, материал – FR4 35/35
Финишное покрытие по меди – OSP
Обработка контура – фрезерование
100% электрическое тестированиеРазмер печатной платы – 90.00×52.00×1.50 мм
Количество слоев – 10
Финишное покрытие по меди – Immersion Gold
Минимальная ширина проводника/зазора – 0.12/0.10 мм
Наличие “слепых” и “глухих” переходных отверстий
Применено 6 BGA-корпусов